Josh Campbell of Dark Below Talks all things Christmas

Josh Campbell of Dark Below joins us today just before Christmas to talk all about the seasons cheer. From decorating to music to family memories, so let’s dive on in!

Hot chocolate, Eggnog, or Apple Cider?

Hot chocolate for sure. 

Do you have a favorite holiday scent?

Not anything in particular, but the smell of all of the kick-ass food at our family get together is nice! 

What are you most thankful for this year?

There’s a lot to be thankful for, but this year more than anything I’m just Thankful for the success we’ve been able to have as a band.

Do you enjoy decorating? 

No! Definitely not my thing. 

Let’s settle the debate: does the Christmas tree go up after Halloween or after Thanksgiving?

Ours went up the day after Thanksgiving. Right after Halloween seems a bit early to me… 

Do you have any Christmas traditions? If not, are there any that you would like to try or start?

Really the only one I have is just going to my family’s big Christmas get-together. 

How long did you believe in Santa?

I think I was about 6 when I figured it out. My dad wasn’t real big on lying to me about anything, so when I pressed him about Santa the response was something like “well, I’ve never seen him”. I actually ended up telling a girl in my class that there was no Santa and she went home and told her mom who then called my dad and gave him an ass-chewing.  LOL! 

Do you do your Christmas shopping early, or are you a last second shopper?

I’m not much of a Christmas shopper in general, to be honest. Anything I’m going to get will be purchased online but I don’t wait until the last second. 

What does Christmas mean to you?

At this point it’s just about family for me. As you get older you realize those moments you have with them are something that you shouldn’t take for granted, so I try to enjoy them the best that I can. 

We all know Christmas dinners mean some of the dishes that we’ve been craving like homemade dressing, grandma’s turkey and ham. What is the dish you are most looking forward to digging into come Christmas dinner? 

The homemade noodles are peak Christmas food for me. 

What are your plans this year for Christmas?

We’re going to my mom’s for the big family party – the whole family will be there and it’s a ton of fun!

Do you have to have snow to really make it feel Christmas or could you live without it?

No, that stuff can stay away. It was cool when I was younger – but as an adult who has to drive in it now, I’m good. 😉

Are there any Christmas tunes you like to put on to set the Christmas mood?

Absolutely not. I worked at Home Depot for two years and if you’ve experienced that month long period where you listen to nothing but Christmas music then you probably feel the same! 

We see it every year, something new is made smelling or tasting like pumpkin spice. What are your thoughts? Overkill, bring it on, or really do not care?

I don’t really go out of my way to get pumpkin spice anything, but I do think it’s pretty good – so if it’s offered to me then I’ll take it. 

Do you have any memorable Christmas memories from your childhood or recent that make Christmas a memorable time of year?

I remember waking up early one Christmas at like 2 AM and unwrapping a gift that I knew was a video game. My parents were asleep – so I went in the other room and started playing it, but unfortunately Mom appeared and was not pleased. She gave me the whole “wait until I tell your dad” thing but he thought it was funny, so I just had to go back to bed and that was pretty much it. 

From The Grinch, Santa Claus, Home Alone, there’s tons of Christmas movies to get into the Christmas spirit, Rank your top 5 Christmas movies. 

A Christmas Story

Christmas Vacation

Die Hard

Bad Santa 


Who would win a fight: Santa or The Grinch?

I don’t know, Santa is a big bastard – but I’m pulling for The Grinch.  😅  

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