The New StreetLore Album Is Purely Phenomenal!

The Amazing New Melodic Rock band StreetLore, a Band out of Italy has Released their debut album simply titled StreetLore.
It is a project of keyboardist Lorenzo Nava. Featuring Lorenzo Nava, Andrew Trabelsi , Matteo Serra, Angelo Sasso, Luca Ferraresi. They have a wide range of impeccable guest Singers. The Results are definitely BRILLENT! This Album is so well put together. It’s Mind blowing! Every song is perfection! It has awesome lead vocals from everyone who collaborated on this album. Wonderful harmonies, the guitar work is amazing!

Everyone Brings their A game for this album! Released late 2022 it quickly Won the International Rock Album of 2022. It was very hard to chose my favorites off of this album but I definitely love “Crossroad”, ”The Storm”, “Aeglos”, “Say Farewell”. But I do truly love this whole album its Phenomenal from start to finish I can listen to it over and over!

Track lists include :

  1. Brothers (feat. Davide “ Dave Rox’ Barbieri)
  2. Friends in Time ( feat. Satin & Tim Manford)
  3. Crossroad( feat. Terry Brock,Davide “ Dave Rox Barbieri)
  4. The Storm ( feat. Davide Gilardino)
  5. Aeglos ( feat. Jesus Espin & Luca Carlomagno)
  6. Only Wounds Remain ( feat. Stefano Lionetti)
  7. Say Farewell (feat. Marcello Spera)
  8. Shelter From The Rain ( feat. Eric Concas & Roberto Barazzotto)
  9. Weaker Than Before ( feat. Josh Zighetti & Mario Percudani)
  10. Shadows And Lies ( feat. Sue Willetts)
  11. Gone ( Cd exclusive track) ( feat. Dion Mayman)
    Produced by Pierpaolo Monti and Andrew Trabelsi
    co -produced by Alessandro Broggi Brought to you by Burning Minds Music Group / The Art of Melody Music
    This is one well put together and a MUST HAVE Album! available in Download and CD format.
    get your copy today! Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine

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