Shinedown’s Latest Single ”Daylight” is an Inspiring Anthem of Hope

With their seventh studio album on the verge of its release, Shinedown delivers quite possibly their most personable single yet. The album ‘Planet Zero’ has delivered two upbeat heavy hitting singles that have had overwhelming success. Yesterday, June 1st, ”Daylight”, the third single off the forthcoming album brings a slower more acoustic approach made its long awaited premiere.

“When you’re in a writing session and something like ‘Daylight’ happens, we call it a gift because it kind of writes itself,” Smith tells PEOPLE of the new single. “We’re all on this planet together. We’ve got to figure out ways to take care of one another.” He pauses. “You don’t have to bow to the chaos. You must figure out a way.” Brent further explains.

Shinedown’s Official Lyric Video for ”Daylight”


“You saved my life, not once but twice 

You keep me free from falling 

You saved my life, make it all alright 

when I don’t feel like talking,

You make sure I always see the daylight 

It’s amazing what the hard times can reveal (Have faith that you’re not alone)

Like who shows up, who walks away, and who’s for real (Have faith that you’re not alone)

The most profound and raw penmanship to date from Brent and company. Fans connect on a deep level with ”Daylight” because we’ve been there, at our bottom and have had that one individual that extended their hand, pulling us out of the darkness into the daylight. The connections we share as humans, intertwining lives and stories has lead to the creation of “Daylight”.

As individuals and together, the Shinedown band mates have publicly been a beacon of hope and encouragement for their peers and fans alike. Always building up those around them, openly humbled to be able to do what they do; Shinedown is unlike any band in rock and roll and for that is where they’re legacy will be cemented.