CD Review: Dale Watson “Call Me Insane”

If you are looking for a down to earth true and traditional artist, you have certainly found that in Dale Watson. Watson is a singer of Texas/Americana music. Some people may classify him as country but in previous interviews Dale has asked to not call him country because it gives current mainstream listeners the wrong impression of his music by today’s country standards. I would classify Dale as a hardworking, Lonestar beer drinking, multi-talented and multi-genre musician.  Dale has released his most current album “Call Me Insane” on 6/9/15 with Red House/Ameripolitan Record label.

This album is chocked full of the traditional style of country music back before rappers and hard rock singers were considered country. Country music used to have a distinct sound separating it from all genres of music and unfortunately there is not much separation these days in mainstream country music vs pop music vs rock music etc… In order to find that traditional sound, you need to look for music that is not in the mainstream and you will find that in this album, with the exception of a two and a half minute Mexican style tune entitled “Tienes Cabeza De Palo”. I have had the pleasure to hear Dale perform this tune live and it is a fast paced, spirit lifting, and fun song that got a warm reception from the crowd and had people dancing on the dance floor.

Also on this album you will find a song in which Dale wrote as a tribute to the late George Jones. “Jonesin’ For Jones” is my personal favorite song on the album as it pays tribute to one of my all time favorites. This song has a “Jones” Rhythm to it as Dale recites Gorge Jones song titles masterfully placed throughout the song while still giving it a traditional Dale Watson vibe. With this album, you get everything that’s traditional country from sadness, cheating, drinking, loving and just good ole dance hall music. I would highly recommend this album to any fan of traditional country music. You may purchase this album on Itunes!



1. A Day At A Time

2. Bug Ya For Love

3. Burden Of The Cross

4. Everybody’s Somebody in Luckenbach, TX

5. Crocodile Tears

6. Jonesin For Jones

7. I’m Through Hurtin’

8. Call Me Insane

9. Heaven’s Gonna Have a Honky Tonk

10. Tienes Cabeza De Palo

11. I Owe It All To You

12. Forever Valentine

13. Hot Dang

14. Mama’s Don’t Let Your Cowboys Grow Up to be Babies

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