Music Review: Chris Janson “Outlaw Ways”

Chris Janson is one of country music’s hottest new singers out there today. Before Janson had a big hit with “Buy Me A Boat”, he had a big hit as a songwriter for Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah”. After watching a performance that Chris did at the CMA Music Festival, I was an instant fan. Chris put on an energetic performance that captivated the audience and delivered great country vocals and amazing harmonica skills.

“Outlaw Ways” is a new song that was just released to spotify and YouTube on 7/25 and is the follow up to Chris’ first #1 Itunes country chart hit “Buy Me A Boat”. In this new song Chris slows it down a bit singing about his outlaw ways and how having a wife and a son changes those ways over time. I feel that most men who are overcome with the love of a woman and the start of a family most definitely change who they once were in a way that they settle down and think harder about some of the decisions that they would make versus the decisions that they would make prior to that wife and that child. Of course, the thought of sleeping in the dog house or coming home to your things possibly scattered over the front lawn would probably have a factor in that decision as well. Anyways, I recommend that you head over to spotify or you tube and take a listen to Chris Janson’s “Outlaw Ways” especially if you have that special woman and/or children or something else that caused you to change your “Outlaw Ways”. In order to purchase this latest song, please visit Itunes!!


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