Country Artist Denny Strickland is on the rise to stardom. Will his latest video single take him there?

Denny Strickland is an up and coming country star from Arkansas, who loves to spend his time with his two horses and his 1968 Camaro, when he’s not touring and recording music that is. Denny describes his previous top 40 single release “Swerve On” as “…dark and edgy with a splash of sensuality. It’s upbeat – something you can listen to on the way to the club. You can crank the subs up, and get your swerve on. It just struck me, and it got my attention.” Strickland is following up on that single with a brand new video to his next single titled “How Far You Wanna Go” and we are glad to be able to share that video with you here at

How Far You Wanna Go is a fun and upbeat song about a couple just getting out of their world and leaving town on a road trip without limits. The video features the couple driving on Highways and dirt roads having fun as they get away from the hassles of life mixed with scenes of Denny on a Nashville Rooftop featuring the Ryman and the city of Nashville in the background. With lyrics like Ohhh ohhh, Halfway to Memphis baby, Ohhh Ohhh All The Way To Mexico, Deep in the holler baby, Only Thing I gotta know is How Far You Wanna Go…” They become very catchy and very easy to sing along to. Also, Who doesn’t like making love in the bed of a Chevy…? Check out the video below and you will find yourself singing right along to the lyrics! When it stops playing, even my 2 year old is saying  “Again, Again”.

“How Far You Wanna Go” is available for download at iTunes. Keep up with Strickland on Twitter, Facebook and his official website.

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