Pete Scobell sings about a “Guns & Roses” T-shirt and a “Dive Bar” on his new album “Walkin’ A Wire”


Pete Scobell, a celebrated Navy SEAL, uses his experience in both the military and athletics to reflect the man that he is in his newest album Walkin’ a Wire. Scobell welcomes you into the album and beckons you to live in the moment with “Ain’t Gonna Waste it”. “C’mon now,” he chants, to get you pulled into the album’s opening energy. The music will have you dancing and the lyrics will entice you to do something exhilarating as it reaches out with intoxicating motivation. Pete sings about a lost love and her Guns & Roses t-shirt that was left on the floorboard. He uses this as a perfect display of youthful play and summertime love. “Walkin’ A Wire”, the album’s title track, is about stepping into unknown territory and taking a chance. It’s catchy, upbeat sound and repetitive lyrics will have you singing along.

In July of 2015 Scobell premiered his video for “Wild”. With its strong acoustic guitar, Pete’s strong vocals are complimented by the rising energy found within the track. He sings about a personality trait as it is influenced by alcohol, pain, joy or sorrow. The album’s intensity slows down in “Disappear”. A track with a mysterious vibe and haunting vocals; he sings about searching for answers before it’s too late. Pete follows up his track lineup with “The Fight” which is an upbeat song about facing fears and fighting battles despite the struggle. “Walkin’ A Wire” captures the essence of country in the remainder of this album with songs like “Feels Like You Know Me” and “Dive Bar”.

Also included on this album, is a newer version of “Hearts I Leave Behind”; a track performed with country superstar Wynonna Judd. Scobell and Judd pay tribute to US Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle. When originally released, “Hearts I Leave Behind” took the number one spot the day after its release. All proceeds from digital downloads were donated to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Scobell says in the liner notes, “The new song is a darker, more manly version of it. It’s a new twist on a successful tune”.

The album concludes with a feel good party song called “Friends With Money”. Pete sings about a man who is broke yet has everything he needs including religion, a gun, a girl, a dog and most importantly, “Friends With Money”. Check out Pete Scobell and his album Walkin’ A Wire on iTunes!

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“Walkin’ A Wire” Track Listing:11696492_688035967995988_63517405261437807_o

  1. Ain’t Gonna Waste It
  2. Guns & Roses
  3. Walkin’ A Wire
  4. Wild
  5. Dissapear
  6. The Fight
  7. Feels Like You Know Me
  8. Dive Bar
  9. There’s Gotta Be A God
  10. World In The Way
  11. Hearts I Leave Behind
  12. Friends With Money


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