RavenEye to Support The Darkness This Spring


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Photo Credit: Drew Ormrod, Virtuosity Studios

Springtime isn’t just for allergies, cleaning and weekend jaunts! As we brush off the stench of winter, we prepare for another season of concerts and a British invasion! Aaron Spiers, bassist for British rock band RavenEye, chatted with me about the band and their current endeavors. RavenEye will be the supporting band for British rock band, The Darkness this spring on the Back to the USSA tour. The tour will begin on April 8 in Santa Cruz, California, at The Catalyst and conclude on May 4 in Boston, Massachusetts, at The Paradise Rock Club. Aaron’s excitement for the upcoming tour is contagious and I invite each of you to get out there and catch RavenEye with The Darkness at a venue near you! RavenEye is made up of Aaron Spiers on bass, Oli Brown, lead vocals and guitar and Kev Hickman on drums.

Q: First of all, I’ve been listening to your EP tracks and I really, really love them. You guys have an enormous sound as a trio. In fact, at first, I thought RavenEye was four pieces. Kev Hickman is just a powerhouse on the kit. You and Oli Brown compliment each other so well vocally. Since you are Australian, were you living in England when the band formed? Have you always lived in England?

A: I’ve been living in the UK for over four years now, and met Oli and Kev here in Milton Keynes. Oli knew Kev through the UK Blues scene and I knew Kev through session-type gigs. That’s how we all came together. After we all jammed, we knew that it was going to be something special and RavenEye was born!

Q: RavenEye immediately supported Joe Satriani in 2014. What other acts have you supported?

A: We’ve been incredibly lucky with the caliber of musicians and acts we’ve supported. We supported Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators in the USA, as well as Northern/Eastern Europe. We’ve also supported Deep Purple in France and the Blues Pills in the UK.

As well as the Darkness tour coming up, we’re also supporting HaleStorm in Europe, so we’re keeping very busy!

Q: When I listen to a couple of tracks on the EP, I almost hear a little bit of Counting Crows mixed with some blues but heavier. I know I’m not hitting this description dead on. Haha! Who are some of the band’s influences?

A: We have pretty serious influence from the likes of Chris Cornell, Sound Garden, Audio Slave as well as bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Band of Skulls, even Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. We’ve all played in the blues scene for years, so blues will always be an element in our music. In fact, pretty much any time Oli takes a guitar solo, there is going to be blues coming out!

Q: Let’s talk about April! You’re supporting The Darkness on their Back to the USSA tour! How did this offer come about?

A: To be honest, we’re not sure! I guess we’ve been doing some big shows lately and maybe someone in the US took notice. We found that our short UK tour in January/February was really well attended and we put it down to the exposure we’ve been getting lately. We’ve also been playing a lot, so I guess it could have been anything.

Q: Will you be joining the boys for all 20 dates?

A: Yeah, we got the whole run with The Darkness. We’re literally sitting down and figuring out the routing for the trip right now! We’re excited to get back to the USA; we really loved the audiences there last year and we love touring in the ‘full-time’ scenario that the USA always presents. We can’t wait to show the Darkness fans our show and to meet new people on the road!

Q: Is the EP Breaking Out available on iTunes? Also, will there be any copies available at the shows?

A: The EP is indeed available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Yes, they will be available in physical form at the merch stand. If anyone wants to catch us, we’re always at the merch stand at the end of the night until the last person leaves, so please come and say hi!

Q: Any plans for a full-length album this year?

A: HELL YES! We’re currently working on writing the songs for the album. We had a goal to write 20 or 30 songs for what would be culled down to a 10-track album keeping the best of the best so that the album is a killer! And since starting the process, the songs have been pouring out. We hope to record shortly after the US run with The Darkness, and have something by the end of summer/end of the year, time-line depending of course.

All dates for the Back to the USSA Tour can be found here

Don’t forget to connect with Aaron Spiers and the guys of RavenEye here or here. You can also check out their official website here.

I will personally be attending the Nashville show so be sure to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook for live updates and tweets as the night progresses!

Photo Credit: Drew Ormrod, Virtuosity Studios

Writer: Amanda Knight

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