Vents Magazine Presents: Frame By Sound

Rafael Jovine, Vents Magazine

Rafael Jovine and Vents Magazine are pleased to announce the first of its kind music and film festival, Frame By Sound! This unique outlet, set to run from August 1-15 2016, is an entirely online event and is certain to reach music audiences that would otherwise be unable attend the many music festivals occurring throughout the summer this year. Frame By Sound will will utilize the world of social media and sources such as YouTube and Netflix to promote artist performances, Q&A’s, informational panels and the work of new filmmakers! Naturally, I had several questions regarding how such a venture comes together through the world of cyberspace. Rafael Jovine talked with us about the particulars of the festival, how streaming will unite artists and fans, and his inspiration to undertake such a cutting-edge concept!

Q: Rafael, tell me how this idea for an online festival came to pass? 

A: Hi Amanda! Thanks for taking some time to talk to me about the festival! I am actually based in the Dominican Republic. While we have some cool festivals and lately thanks to some producers we’ve had some cool bands coming and performing, sadly I can’t afford to enjoy them. That “frustration” moved me to start this festival. In addition, I am a filmmaker and getting your movie out there as an indie artist is pretty hard so just like Vents, I am building this festival as a vehicle for these filmmakers to reach out to a wider audience. We have some great acts from NYC, UK and LA. We also have few acts from Sweden, Nashville and I believe Wisconsin too. We have more acts yet to be confirmed.

 Q: Explain to me how an online music festival works, as this appears to be a mighty undertaking! 

A: Well, Frame by Sound in particular is pretty easy. All our online panels, performances, workshops and basically all live stream events would be using YouTube as the main platform. We are scheduling private events, adding a chat and also using social media for people to answer questions and interact. They would be available for later watching. For the movie stream, we would be using a special platform but if you are familiar with Netflix or YouTube, it shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate. Last, but not least, you would be able to enjoy them on your computer, laptop, mobile, smartphones, videogames and TV with Roku/Apple TV.

 Q: How will artists deliver their performances for this festival? 

A: They would be live streaming from different locations: their studios, rehearsals and living rooms. We will be using Hangout on Air for performers, and as mentioned before, audience would get to watch them on YoutTube.

Michael Large, Director

Q: Is the festival a ticketed event and if so, what kind of access do ticket holders obtain? 

A: For a limited time only, we are giving the chance for patrons to pay what they want for full access. This includes the whole experience: all movies, panels, workshops, performances, Q&As, pre-recorded material and more.

Q: Technology has changed the way fans interact with their favorite artists. With that being said, will artists host any type of online forums and/or question/answer sessions?

 A: That’s totally correct! And yes, what we are envisioning is a Periscope (of course, with better quality) meets VH1’s Storyteller session type of event – so artists would tell anecdotes between songs and interact with both fans and viewers.

 Q: What challenges have you encountered in organizing such an event?

 A: All the same challenges those with new ideas encounter along the way, but perhaps the main ones are money and outreach. Luckily those are slowly getting solved. The logistic of an event of this magnitude isn’t as challenging as a physical one – there are no venues to pay, no gas spent, you don’t have to pay for security in case something goes wrong, robbery, etc… all you have to worry about is the platform working, making sure the technical stuff is in control, and reaching out to and staying in touch with both speakers and performers. We want to make sure when they will perform or participate. It’s definitely less exhausting and stressful than a physical event!

Q: In the event of technical glitches, unforeseen outages, or slow connectivity how will the festival be streamed to viewers?

 A: We know things can go wrong and that’s why we are making sure that doesn’t happen. It’s a mission impossible, but if Tom Cruise can, why can’t we? We will have some folks helping with technical issues, including myself. Streams will be pretty simple, there aren’t going to be too many gears involved and we are keeping rates decent so anyone ,no matter their internet connection, can access us. Luckily -at least from our side- nothing would happen. As for audiences, we would help them solving their problems. Either way, all the streams would be pre-recorded. Once they are finished, you can revisit them later, though hopefully you don’t have to.

 Q: How many musical artists are you anticipating over the course of the festival?

A: Man! Well, right now we have like 14 or so confirmed. We have some PR agencies jumping in. One has sent me at least 10+[artists] interested and then we have another agency laying low at the moment. I would say about 30+ [artists] minimum.

 Q: This event also incorporates film. I find that interesting because it’s such a conglomerate of artists participating in one event. Sharing their work and ideas. To what extent will filmmakers’ work be promoted?

 A: That’s for sure, and that’s one of the cool things about this festival. I am really hoping in the future that some other personalities such as fashion designers and publicists participate. The sky is the limit, as they say. As for your question, we would have magazines and sites like yours supporting by featuring and/or reviewing their work. We’re definitely inviting all speakers to watch the films and enjoy the festivals as part of the audience as well, so filmmakers would not only get to have their films exposed to ordinary people but also to people in this industry.

 Q: What else do readers need to know about the festival?

A: What else? Well, I believe you have pretty much nailed all people’s inquiries haha. 🙂 But seriously, this isn’t just another festival. Not only are we talking about exposure but as filmmakers and musicians, we want this to be a learning experience. We have workshops, panels and Q&As with experts and people who are or have made it into this industry. Luckily, you would not only gain some contacts through networking but also learn something that would help you in your career. For example, we are putting together this panel about “Music licensing” with Zack Hemsey and some music supervisors, each one giving their point of view and offering some tips for your understanding as an artist in this matter.

Zach Hemsey, Music Composer

 Thank you for your time Rafael! I look forward to seeing the festival and all its happenings unfold!

 Thanks to you! And looking forward to see you all at the festival as well! You can keep up updated in our social nets on Facebook and Twitter

Check out Vents Magazine and their  list of Performers and Speakers which will be continually updated as new events and acts are added!

Writer: Amanda Knight


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