JD & The Straight Shot Delight at Clay Center

On Tuesday, July 19, JD & The Straight Shot entertained a packed house at the Clay Center in Charleston, West Virginia! Fronted by Jim Dolan, the New York City based Americana band delivered a toe-tapping worthy performance. Immediately, Dolan’s easy, laid back style will force the listener to envision Tom Waits. The band, consisting of Marc Copely (vocals/guitar), Byron House (bass), Aidan Dolan (guitar) and Erin Slaver (violin) was accompanied by touring guitarist JJ Appleton.

The band’s latest album Ballyhoo! is simplistic and true to it’s roots, with haunting vocals reminiscent of the deep south. JD & The Straight Shot performed a cover of Spirit’s “Nature’s Way”. In addition, “Ballyhoo”, “Perdition”, and “Better Find a Church” were just a sampling of the evening’s setlist. The band is currently providing opening support on for Joe Walsh, on his solo  Walsh TOOR which concludes September 17, in Aspen, Colorado. Check out the complete photo gallery from the Clay Center and the official website for JD & The Straightshot!

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All Photos: Amanda Knight

Writer: Amanda Knight

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