Bryan Adams Rocks The Rose!

20160724-103-2Bryan Adams brought his Get Up tour to The Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on a sweat inducing Sunday night. The Rose was filled with fans anxiously awaiting Bryan’s presence. Upon entering the venue fans were given the opportunity to donate $20 to the shriner’s for a raffle ticket and a copy of the new Get Up CD. The raffle ticket was for a chance at a private meet and greet with the rock superstar himself. For those fans that like front row seating, please keep your cell phones put away. Fans in the front row were informed that photos were not permitted from the first row but were welcomed to step down the aisle to take their photo and return to their seats. I found it refreshing that there were no phones right up in Bryan’s face as he was trying to connect with the audience.

When you go to a Bryan Adams concert, expect 2 hours of straight up music. Adams doesn’t get very chatty between songs as he transitions from one song to the next. Bryan plays through a 28 song setlist filled with full band and acoustic versions of many of his 20160724-067multi-platinum hits. Some of the more notable songs performed throughout the evening included “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”, “Kids Wanna Rock”, “Heaven, Run to You”, “Somebody”, “Cuts Like a Knife”,  and many others. One of the most memorable moments of the night happened when the band kicked it into full gear with “Summer of ’69”. The eruption of screams and cheers were enough to raise the hair on your arms.

20160724-097As I mentioned earlier, Bryan was not very chatty onstage. It was a surprise when Bryan began to talk about a song that he had written for a film which ended up not being included in the film. Adams went on about how he has no hard feelings that his song wasn’t included in the film in which he goes on mentioning that it was a top grossing film at the time. After sharing his feelings, Bryan performed a heartfelt rendition of “I’ll Always Be Right There”.

If you get a chance to see Bryan Adams in concert be sure that you catch him when he comes to your town. You will get your monies worth of live music with a Bryan Adams20160724-009 show. Many artists will perform a two or three song encore performance. Bryan Adams’ encore performance is the length of an opening acts performance as he performs a six song encore. The encore included covers of Eddie Cochran’s “C’Mon Everybody” and Elvis’ “All Shook Up”. Bryan wrapped up the encore performance with a three song acoustic set. Bryan was dressed to the nine’s and his vocal performance was spot on as he didn’t show any signs of slowing down throughout the performance.

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