There Are No Limits: Interview with Anthony De La Torre of The Fell with Song River

When there is so much talent and it all comes together you can almost create a sound so refreshing that it merits a sonic boom of regard. Esteemed regard. The Fell solidly stamps the crush, the power, the larger than life vocals as it is pointedly encapsulated under a directive of multi-talented musicians.

Carrying the rhythm line is bassist Billy Sheehan, keeping that beat succinctly divine is drummer Randy Cooke. Add to this the multi-platinum producer and salaciously slashing guitar talents of Mike Krompass. The final captivate coupe de gras is climatically put into place as the whole of The Fell is finished off with the multi-talented musician and actor Anthony De La Torre. This is one band you want to envelop you with their sound and surrender to their alternative rock.

Within the busy schedule of recording their album, the single release for “Footprints,” and touring somehow Anthony De La Torre of Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Playing the Young Jack Sparrow) and the drummer in Metallica’s video “Man Unkind” with the cast of Lords of Chaos in which he played “Hell Hammer” Anthony found a few moments to give us a glimpse as to what The Fell is up to.


Song River: Something different? Would this be a correct summation the band mates of The Fell decided upon?

Anthony De La Torre: Absolutely. But we aren’t just thinking in terms of trying to make something different. I think the goal is to make something we look forward to playing night after night. I’m excited about every song on the album.

Song River: Solidified now as a group, The Fell, had some adjustments to make. So far what has been the reception for your first single/video “Footprints?” Looking at your YouTube it’s doing quite nicely.

Anthony De La Torre: The reception seems to be very positive. I’m so grateful for the support and love we’ve been getting from everyone for Footprints. Can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest of the album.

Song River: The video for “Footprints” is uncomplicated and really just showcases the sound and look…even feel for who The Fell are. One could say it feels like a genuine unabashed rock … who did you work with on this video?

Anthony De La Torre: Our good friend Jonathan Britt filmed it and together we edited the video. We were originally just supposed to be filming some behind the scenes of the recording of Footprints but by the end of the day, I was editing a music video for Footprints.

Song River: The Fell bio makes a statement: “The Fell is a new alternative rock band consisting of the multi-talented Anthony De La Torre on vocals, who you may also know as Young Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales or the drummer in Metallica’s video “Man Unkind” with the cast of Lords of Chaos, in which he plays “Hellhammer”, Mike Krompass – Guitar player and Multi-Platinum producer, Notorious session drummer Randy Cooke and last, but not least, Billy Sheehan(Mr. Big, Winery Dogs) on bass, who needs no introduction.”


Does it feel like this sounds almost like a ‘supergroup?’

Anthony De La Torre: I think it would be a supergroup if we had another singer with more credits but I’m really just starting to get my feet wet. The other three are as good as it gets in the industry and I feel so lucky to get to play with them.

Song River: Anthony who knew Bowling Green Ohio had a kid who would go on a Nickelodeon TV show to a Pirate and onto Hellhammer- plus Johnny Gruesome- then he can actually throw in his vocals and swag to boot! What the heck? Where in the world are you finding time to work on this project, The Fell too?

Anthony De La Torre: Haha. I think when you love something, you find time no matter what is happening. When Mike called me and asked me to be a part of this I had to say yes. The music, and the good people. It’s a dream band for me.

Song River: Is The Fell a long-term project and one we can all grow with?

Anthony De La Torre: Absolutely! I know that we are all feeling like this is a long-term thing and I know this will continue to grow and grow.

Song River: What comes next? When can we expect a full-length album and tour? And will it be similar in sound to “Footprints?”

Anthony De La Torre: Hopefully we’ll be getting another single out by the end of the year. We’re going on tour now in September. Going up the East Coast in the U.S. then heading over to the U.K. I think we are looking at February release for the album.

More Information on The Fell:

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