David Helbig of RiverShine talks of their upcoming album “All About The Ride”

Today I got a chance to sit down and Interview David Helbig from the band RiverShine. RiverShine is a local Louisville Kentucky band on the verge of releasing their debut album “All About The Ride”.

Ryan: How long have you and the band been together?

David: Two years. I had another record back in 2008 but it didn’t go the way we wanted it to go. So Mark (Slaughter) came to me a little ways back to listen to some tracks and quickly jump to it and called some good friends up and here we are.



Ryan: How is it working with mark slaughter?

David: He’s a genius I feel lucky to be in the studio. Wheither its rock jazz country mark knows what he’s doing. He’s worked with Xcursion, Slaughter, and other great bands. He’s currently on the top 40 charts right now with a single.

Ryan: Let’s talk about the single coming out and the album “All About The Ride”.

David: “Whatever Turns You On”. Comes out in the end of October and were excited. We’ll see how everyone reacts to it and go from there. Whatever turns you on is a song about what ever turns you on if you like to go fast or slow that’s what kind of song it is. We’ve got some good stuff as far as our record is concerned; we’ve got some hardcore country and everything in between, some southern rock also.

Ryan: Are you all touring currently?

David: We’ve just been sticking around Louisville mostly as of right now. We just shot a music video last Saturday and just go from there and see where this takes us.

Ryan: When your album releases where will fans be able to pick up a copy?

David: Digitally will be the best route for fans to get the record. You can go anywhere and download the whole album online instead of a CD sitting on a shelf for months or longer. We can sell it digitally and the fans can get it quicker, it’s how albums are selling these days. CD’s are not as popular as they were.

Were getting sucked right in to that digital world and we love it. The crazy part is if you start selling digally and have the backing then you can do great things, Kane Brown being an example of that.

Ryan: Tell is a little bit about your musical background.

David: I’ve played music since I was ten. Late 80’s and 90’s I played rock and switched to country and I love it.

Ryan: What are your goals your milestones you wish to achieve as Rivershine?

David: For us, I just want success radio, digitally, a gold record on the wall. This is what we love, we love to play music.

Ryan: Since today is 9/11 where were you the day the world stopped turning?

David: I was delivering a treadmill to a woman’s house and putting it together. I owned an assembling company at the time and I delivered treadmills and gym equipment for Dicks Sporting Goods and that day I was in a woman’s house when it happened.

Quick questions:

Ryan: Favorite song by another artist?

David: I was a huge Alabama fan so I gotta say “Mountain Music”

Ryan: Favorite color:

David: Purple

Ryan: Book:

David: I’m a reader but not a book reader, guitar magazine kind of guy

Ryan: Movie:

David: Shawshank (Redemption), it was just a great movie


David Helbig was a pleasure to talk with and be sure to check them out on Facebook for more up to date information about their album, touring and more!


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