LoudenSwain’s “Saturday Night Special” tops the Billboard

Have you bought your copy of the new Louden Swain “Saturday Night Special” Live CD? It features the musical talents of Jensen Ackles, Briana Buckmaster, Osric Chau, Matt Cohen, Ruth Connell, Gil McKinney, Kim Rhodes and Richard Speight, Jr. performing with Louden Swain fronted by God, aka Chuck, aka Rob Benedict! Capturing the essence of the Supernatural Fan Conventions, “Saturday Night Special” just took the Billboard album charts by storm, placing at #1 within its first week of digital distribution on the West North Central Heatseeker’s chart, as you can see below!


#1 on Heatseekers West North Central
#13 on Heatseekers
#40 on Independent Albums


To grab your music visit us at LoudenSwain.com and then link to this exact page:
Saturday Night Special [ CD ] ( Deluxe Version )
You can also download it on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon.com

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