Live On Forever Tour featuring The Afters, Jason Gray, and David Dunn

Last night, September 17th 2017; the Live on Forever Tour rolled through Danville, Kentucky at The Showroom for a night of awareness and worship. This action packed tour consist of new comer David Dunn, Jason Gray, and headlining- The Afters. This marks the third show on this brand new tour with 15 more stops on its impressive 18 show tour.

David Dunn kicks off the night performing songs from his recently released album “Yellow Balloons”. “When I write songs, they are usually about what I’ve been learning. Art is my context for being able to say what’s on my mind, and hopefully, it can help encourage those who are in a similar place in life.” That was certainly the vibe fans got from his passionate songs such as “Kingdom”, and “I Don’t Have To Worry”.

My favorite from his set was “I Wanna Go Back”. David brings a soul filled of emotions to the stage and was easy to see that it quickly captivated the audience and kept them wanting more. David will be an artist to keep your eye on; it looks like the sky is the limit for this young Texas native artist.

Being fully open with fans is somewhat of a rarity with artist however, Jason Gray laid it all out for everyone to see. Admitting that songs that he wrote such as “Stolen”  were in some of his darkest hardest moments of his life. Even through that he never gave up and is still creating music for bringing glory to the Lord. Jason goes on to inform the audience of his speech impediment which is in the form of stuttering and pokes fun at it which makes his impression on fans that much more interpersonal.

Being able to speak about brokenness and imperfections is something Jason does with ease and really creates a more comfortable environment as we all can connect with brokenness and our own flaws. Song after song of love, and passion with gut-wrenching lyrics like that of “Remind Me Who I Am”-

“In the mirror all I see
Is who I don’t wanna be
Remind me who I am
In the loneliest places
When I cant remember what grace is
Tell me, once again
Who I am to You”

“I Will Rise Again” is a song with an intro in honor of Prince where Jason actually sings into the guitar.  This song is about going through storms in life and finally realizing that those storms create a stronger and better person when the storm is over. You get to the point where you see the storm coming and you welcome it because you know what will come from it, a better self.


Jason Gray concluded his set with talking about Prison Fellowship. This is a fellowship that is volunteer and donations to take care of children all around the world that’s fathers and or mothers are in prison and they are living in poverty and living without basic needs. To find out more about this great cause that Jason is talking about you can visit

As the sun sets everyone is standing in anticipation. The crowd erupts as The Afters are introduced on stage. The band is made up of Lead singer, guitarist, and keys Josh Havens, drummer Jordan Mohilowski, bassist Dan Ostebo, and vocals, guitarist Matthew Fuqua.

From the first kick drum beat Josh Havens couldn’t be stopped; jumped and climbing on the piano and jumping off singing at the top of his lungs in pure adrenaline. Smoke consuming the stage with a phenomenal light show shining through off and on through out the night. “Live on Forever” and  “Light Up The Sky” had fans of all ages singing along and you could just feel the overwhelming passion of the lyrics in the songs as you see Josh singing and bring out the emotion.

Midway through the set, a fun and catchy tune of “Myspace Girl” was introduced as a song requested by a fan. A song to make you laugh and is actually how Dan met his wife so its a song written of him.

As Josh finds a point in the show he slows it down to open up, to shed light on his life, what he has endured, and how God has really showed him that he is in control. Pouring out his heart in his testimony, Josh told how about his brother battled addiction for years and it took God showing him what he was going to lose to finally act in a positive way. His niece laying down for a nap and not waking up. It was heartbreaking yet moving to hear of the devastating tragedies he had encountered in his life, and to see the way he has used what God has given and shake an audience to the core with the truth- God is using us for more. “God can do more with you than you ever can”.


Wrapping up the night with an encore performance of “Battles” which last for six minuets or longer. A band with such talented musicians put it on full display with their vocal’s and instrumental segments through out this song. Every member of the band brings their best to each show and that is why The Afters show is unique. They are ready to give a great show and really puts their all into what they do. This was really a fantastic show and loved every moment of it! I cannot wait for The Afters Jason Gray, and David Dunn to come rolling back around.

“You’re going before me
And oceans are parting
You’re fighting my battles
When my feet are failing
And my heart is shaking
You’re fighting my battles”

We won’t give away any set list because that takes the fun out of it but just know all the great songs you’ve loved over the years, they’re there and so much more!You can find out more about these great artist/bands and see where they are playing next here:


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