LA Guns Plays A Sold Out Show In Knoxville Tennessee

L.A. Guns Played a Sold out Show on October 27, 2017 At The Open Chord All Things Music Venue in Knoxville Tennessee. Kicking off their “The Missing Peace”  Tour 2017  . This  is the Reunion Tour featuring  Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns who havent played together in over 15 years. Owner of the Open Chord Randy Holmes Jumped on the chance to have L.A. Guns play the Open Chord when they were passing through Tennessee. Tracii Guns quoted on his instagram post that “the Open Chord is a great example of the perfect night club and hospitality”.
Opening the show was Southern Rocker Charlie Bonnet lll and The Folkin Gasholes out of Nashville Tennessee. Who did a great job warming up the standing room only wall to wall crowd. Next up was local Classic Rock band Hardwired. Headed by Cheri Spinazzola who kept the party going. Next came Rock Band Budderside who’s touring with L.A. Guns. They Kept the Crowd Rockin and were well received as they were playing Knoxville for the first time. Then came L.A. Guns…
The Lights Dimmed and the music started with an Ozzy intro. The Band took the stage to a huge roar of the crowd.  First off the set  list was their new song  “The Devil Made Me Do It” . which was actually the first time the band ever performed the song on stage according to singer Phil Lewis. They then played “Electric Gypsy” , “ Over The Edge” with Tracii Guns bringing out a Big Bow and playing the guitar with it to loads of cheers from the crowd., “ The Bitch is Back” “Sex Action” were next, Their new song  “ The Flood’s The Fault Of The Rain” was next and is a really great song and sounded wonderful live! Another new song “Speed” Rocked Hard and kept the crowd Rockin . “ One More Reason To Die” and “ Kiss My Love Goodbye” were next with the crowd singing along.  “ Don’t Look at Me That Way” from their Waking the Dead Cd was next.  Phil then Turned over the microphone to Guitarist Michael Grant for him to sing The Prince song “Purple Rain” to which which he did an outstanding job . Keeping the music flowing they quickly jumped into  “Malaria” . Then crowd favorite “ Never Enough” . Exit the band from the stage. The crowd was chanting L.A. Guns ! L.A. Guns! in hopes for more . After a quick break the band returned to the stage and sang “ Ballad of Jane” and “Rip and Tear” . Great night of music. L.A. Guns Featuring  Phil Lewis, Tracii Guns, Michael Grant, Johnny Martin,  Shane Fitzgibbon . November They Head to the UK to do some shows. Be sure to check them out this is one tour you dont wanna miss! Be sure to pick up a copy of their Newest cd “The Missing Peace”.
Angela R. Newman Music Matters Magazine 2017

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