Artist of the week: The Night Travelers – James Mckinney and Niki Portmann

The Night Travelers are a Duo consisting of James Mckinney and Niki Portmann.They Are out of Atlanta Georgia.

They Play a little bit of everything including Progressive World, Blugrass, Folk, Americana , Country,  Celtic.
James Mckinney sings and is international master of the 5 string banjo. James won the us banjo championship at age 15 and in 1982 won the national banjo championship.  James was mentored by renowned jazz educator David Baker and Henry Ferrel( Chet Adkins Teacher) .
In the 80s James moved to Nashville Tennessee and was a very popular studio musician for many years. Hes played with,  recorded with, and toured with the likes of Porter Wagner, Barbara Mandrell, Johnny Cash, and has a long close and personal n professional relationship with  the legendary Vasser Clements. He has toured with the Vasser Clements Band. Hes also played with the Greatful Dead, Bill Monroe. Hes played the Grand Ole Opry stage , The Porter Wagner show, and the stage at Opryland in Nashville Tennessee. In 2015 he was inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame.
Niki Portman is from Stone Mountain Georgia . She plays a big stand up bass like the pro she is even though she started her music career later in life.   She also helps share the singing duties. Niki Speaks fuent german and has lived abroad . Niki was inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2016. Together her and James make up The Night Travelers. Their first cd called “Campfire” was released in 2012. They Are currently working on two new projects.” Blue Banjo” -A Blues Project. Another project called “Wild Magic-Wide Wonder” a Mix of Americana, Folk, Bluegrass and Gypsy. Keep your eyes out for new music from The Night Travelers! For more information on The Night Travelers go to  Http://

Photos and article credit of: Angie Richardson

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