AnDel releases new single “One Night”

One Night is the new single from AnDel. I find myself moving to the beat and ready for a party. The song tells a story of a night, well One Night of exploring and “Driving you crazy”. The song flows really good, the lyrics were put together with intent and precision to deliver a powerful erotic yet fun upbeat song. This is a great song put out as a single, one that shows off his abilities at a high level. Following up after this single is going to be hard to do but AnDel seems to continue to defeat the odds.
Click HERE to check out the music video for One Night! It’s sure to be an instant hit with fans world wide. Leave a comment below on your thoughts of the song!
From Angels Camp, California, pop star Anthony Dooley or known best as AnDel moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career in 2013. Soon though, AnDel found himself writing songs for producers and found the passion to spark his career. Now AnDel is breaking out as one of pop’s most promising and talented singer songwriters in recent years.
Coming from a difficult family life of divorce and abuse, he began to use musical theatre as an outlet for escape at the age of twelve. There he honed his voice and stage presence throughout adolescence, and after leaving to LA in 2013 managed to book a few small musicals, solidifying his choice to pursue a career in the arts. After spending two years working with a music producer crafting his sound and image, he donned the moniker “AnDel”, meaning “angel” in Czech (which reminds him where he comes from: Angels Camp) and is also a combination of letters from his first and last name.
As for what he wishes to achieve with his art, AnDel strives to show others they can take their power back, to pose questions of morality, and to show the uglier consequences of  following the “If it feels good, do it” philosophy of today’s culture. He is grateful for his supporters, and looks forward to being able to connect with them more through his songs.

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