Review of Self Titled EP by Roaring Truth

EB5F727C-B508-439E-B442-18DD1C93CA9DDallas, Texas’ heavy metal band, Roaring Truth, has released their self-titled EP: Roaring Truth. This is a Texas-size chunk of solid rock and all six songs pack the sounds of the tried and true hard rock/metal bands we all love. With a bastion of sharp lyrics that hit in different places there is something to be found on their self-titled EP for everyone.

Roaring Truth lays it open with their first song “Black Box”; written with an intentional bam that climbs to the solid fortress. It is the essential opener that syncs the musicians to their fans. Tracks such as “Homesick” and “Flying Above It All” clearly show the band’s capable abilities to produce sound melodies; from a drum beat that strikes and keeps the solid foundation of rhythm- this EP is exactly what was intended- and it feels good. “I Remember Today” is a splendid acoustic that will have your soul feeling the vast presence their music carries inside you, then it takes you into a power ballad and rocks your world.


Roaring Truths EP leaves us all too soon as they round out their self-titled EP with “Do As I Say”. A furiously packed four minutes that makes the listener continue to hit the replay button again and again. That is what a hard rock/metal bands music is supposed to do with their guitar riffs flowing and beats keeping it feeling along with epic vocals to compliment the need all the way.

From the get-go Roaring Truth has delivered a complete EP with a message to grab onto and a fist-pumping into the air. This is an absolute headbanger from start to finish. Great work and we can’t wait for what is next!


Review by George Randell

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