Blackfoot Returns to Rock Knoxville Tn.


Blackfoot made their return to Knoxville Tennessee recently to bring their southern rock show to a different venue. This time playing The Concourse. It was a 3 band night featuring Blackfoot, Charlie Bonnet lll & The Folkin Gasholes & The Sedonas.
Fans arrived early and lined up at the front of the stage rail.

Opening the show was a local band The Sedonas. But the Sedonas arent your local average band. They have a great vibe and a Classic Americana sound. James Connor Wike has this powerful and soulful voice that draws you in and in no time you will be grooving to the music. He is all over the stage and Jumps high in the air for a very visual show experience. other members of The Sedonas are A.P. Hardway (Bass) Ryan Sise (Guitar) Casey Green(Drums). wonderful set!

Up next was Charlie Bonnet lll & The Folkin Gasholes. Charlie takes the stage always sportin his black cowboy hat and his red gas can sitting on a stool not far from him.(fans wondering what does Charlie keep in that gas can to drink ? ) Ive seen them before so I knew what a great set they put on. They say they are 3 guys with Loud Guitars and a rock n roll addiction. Rockin out songs like “Too Drive to Drunk,” “ Waitin On Time” from their Sinner With a Song CD. they put on a great set and had the fans really getting into their music I know they made some new fans that night. The band has toured/ opened up for bands like L. A. Guns and Junkyard & Steven Addler in recent years and they have played Rocklahoma. A very hard working band with a great sound and set!

Blackfoot was up next! and the fans were Ready! The Guys took the stage and you could tell they were ready to Rock, and Rock they did! from the very first minute they were all over the stage. Interacting with the fans. Singer Jeff Shields who hails from Wakulla Florida took control of the stage with his cool demeaner wearing all black and with his cool southern rock voice belting out all your favorite classic Blackfoot Hits Like “Train Train” , “ Highway Song” “ The Wishing Well” “ Spending Cabbage” “ Gimme Gimme Gimme” But also playing Newer Songs like ” Southern Native” from their latest CD Southern Native. Its a VERY cool and Rockin song. ” The Ride ” is also another New hard driving Rockin Song. Tim Rossi ( Guitarist/Vocals) is constantly moving on stage. His guitar solos are spectacular! He does his signature move of playing the guitar with his tongue to a rousing applause and holler from the fans. His rendition of the star spangled banner was spot on Fantastic! They have a few newer members in the band( Seth Lester (guitar) John Lee (Bass) and Wesley James (Drums) who are doing a wonderful job.) They have a great chemistry on stage and off. They Have Played With Artimus Pyle and Molly Hatchet recently and travel a great deal. The band was hand picked by Rickey Medlocke himself who has on occasion played with them. But these guys can hold their own no doubt about it They Flat out Rock! so GO SEE THEM! ALWAYS A FANTASTIC SHOW!

For more information on Blackfoot go to  :

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Angela Richardson-Newman   Music Matters Magazine

Blackfoot pics, Charlie Bonnet lll & Folkin Gasholes pics. The Sedonas pics.

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