Southern Halo journeys out as a sister duo

Southern Halo is embarking on a new musical journey, transitioning from a trio to duo, with respected industry insider Cliff Downs (Wynonna Judd, B.J. Thomas, Glenn Campbell) taking the production helm.
To watch Southern Halo’s special video message to fans click HERE

“We love and respect each other so much,” notes Nata Morris, lead singer, guitarist and principal
songwriter for the group. “When Hannah decided she wanted to pursue her education and her passion for Interior Design, Tinka and I celebrated with her and re-dedicated ourselves to our passion, which is music.”
As they say, when one door closes another opens, and the Morris sisters didn’t hesitate to explore the other side. They’re adding a keyboard to further showcase their instrumental versatility, and rehearsals are underway as the group preps for a busy festival season. As always, the talented siblings will continue to focus on their musicianship, songwriting and vibrant harmonies, bringing a fresh level of confidence and depth to the studio and their live performances.
Collaborating with the duo, Downs has consistently encouraged them to break down walls, claim their independence, and connect to their audience instead of focusing on industry expectations. As a result, Southern Halo’s new music is enhanced while retaining the core of its Southern Rock grittiness and honest vulnerability.
For drummer Tinka, the opportunity for change and growth is creatively inspiring. “That’s the best part of the music business,” she observes. “You never stop growing – and you’re not expected to. We were so young when we started, but we’re in our 20s now, and the world is a different place. Change can be good and we’re embracing it.”
For fans who already follow Southern Halo there has been a change in their Twitter handle. Now the band can be reached at @duohalo. Not a follower yet? That’s alright, all they’re links are below to keep up with the latest news and music from Southern Halo!
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