Brian McKenzie Releases New Single “Will It Fall”

Brian McKenzie has just released “Will It Fall”, his latest single. Brian, a versatile singer-songwriter is back at the grindstone as he just released this track with fans all over raving it’s powerful melodic sequence in harmony with the acoustics. The lilting rise and fall strikes me as a listener, with each verse Brian sings with softness and obvious heartfelt with lyrics that speak volumes.

b_W1sicmVzaXplIiwxMjcwXSxbIm1heCJdLFsid2UiXV0=You can find this new single at Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. Brian McKenzie brings a sort of rawness to every song, one that is only found in real life experiences. Some make a career out of making random words rhyme and a catchy hook but Brian certainly prides himself in his ability of drawing out real life in three minutes that relates to any listener regardless of demographics.

For more information and to sign up for Brian’s newsletter and more click HERE.

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