The Caleb Daugherty Band’s New Single, “Daylight’s Burning,” Is Sheer Bluegrass Joy

The Caleb Daugherty Band brings sheer Bluegrass joy to Aubrey Holt’s (The Boys From Indiana), “Daylight’s Burning.” Alive with energy, the new single features expressive pickin’ and outstanding vocals. The track kicks off with a sprightly banjo intro that sets the stage for a good old-fashioned hootenanny of a time, highlighted by special guest Ron Stewart’s fiddle. 

Well the rooster’s crowing gotta rise and shineDaylight’s burning ain’t gotta lot of timeWhen the day is over and the work’s all doneWe’ll sing and dance and have a little fun

Today my thoughts took me back in time To a hillside farm on the county line It seems just like it was yesterday And I seem to hear my mother sayHurry up kids get out of that bedWe’ve got a cow to milk and hogs to be fedChickens cackling out in the yard It’s a brand new day, we gotta hit it hard (A. Holt) 

“We were listening to some of our favorite albums, looking for songs to cut,” reflects Caleb. “We must have played this half a dozen times or more – over and over. It just brought back a flood of childhood memories for us, and I hope it hits other folks that way,” he adds. “It’s a nostalgic song but it’s a positive one and that’s a good thing to focus on right now.” The single premiered on The Country Note earlier this week; fans can download the track HERE and radio programmers can access the tune via AirPlay Direct. “Daylight’s Burning” was produced by the band for KDM Records. 

Praise for the quintet is coming in from all quarters, including radio. Daniel Mullins of Real Roots Radio notes, “Caleb sings with the same sense of honesty and sincerity that Aubrey Holt wrote his songs with, and his rich voice matched with this masterpiece is a perfect combination.” The Grascals’Danny Robertsnotes their music is “much in the style of J.D. Crowe & The New South,” while Bluegrassers Kenny & Amanda Smith add, “Caleb sings straight from the heart and has a voice as big as an Indiana cornfield.” Entertainer Lorrie Morgan believes Caleb is “an amazing artist, a true singer who knows how to pick great songs,” while Bluegrass icon Rickey Wasson declares Caleb is “one of the most gifted young singers out there today.”

(L to R) Kyle Ramey, Zion Napier, Caleb Daugherty, Zach Collier and Kyle Clerkin   Credit: Kate Lunsford

The Caleb Daugherty Band has emerged as one of the most promising groups on the acoustic festival scene. Blessed with an expressive and resonant baritone, Daugherty was born and raised near Connersville, Indiana, and still calls it home. He grew up playing in his family’s band and cites his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather for his love of Bluegrass and Country music. Daugherty’s career highlights include performing at an all-star tribute to Keith Whitley in Nashville and playing guitar with Rhonda Vincent at the Grand Ole Opry. Additional members of The Caleb Daugherty Band, who also live in Indiana, include Zion Napier on mandolin, Kyle Clerkin on banjo, Zach Collier on bass, and Kyle Ramey on fiddle. The group’s single, “Daylight’s Burning,” follows their well-received 2019 album, BURNT THE SAWMILL DOWN.

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