“I Thought That I Loved You” Abby K’s Power Ballad

Abby K sets the tone in her power ballad“I Thought That I Loved You” and tells a story that makes a heart hurt. Through her vocals, she rises in embracing the soul, the heart, the love, and the hurt from beginning to end. As her voice rings through, listeners can feel and share the soars of emotion intertwining with the lyrics, melody, and rhythm. Once again with “I Thought That I Loved You”, Abby K embraces that era of killer classic ’80s rock then blasts it all with her own signature style!

“When I sat down to write “I Thought That I Loved You” in my bedroom a year ago, I knew it was going to be different. My past three singles I have released have been songs that encourage you to drive fast with the windows down. With“I Thought That I Loved You,” you can still drive fast with the windows down, or you can sing it in the shower. This is my emotional power ballad that I have always dreamed of writing.” – Abby K 
Recorded by Eddie Z at The Playroom. Video filmed by Cameron Voris and Scott Strange. Styling by Jess Pellington. Management/Producer: Eddie Z of The Playroom Records.Distribution: Orchard

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