ICHTHUS: The Relaunch event September 18, 2021 Wilmore, KY

The most popular Christian music festival in the United States is being relaunched September 18th! ICHTHUS IS BACK! This festival has always featured Christian musics most popular artist and a fantastic atmosphere to just celebrate and worship God and his glory!

Artist already announced are:

Ichthus is a music festival dedicated to celebrating the love and hope we have in Jesus! For over 40 years Ichthus brought thousands of people from all over the country to central Kentucky in hopes of uniting believers and reaching the lost.  We plan on bringing Ichthus back to these roots and this relaunch event in September of 2021 is our first step in bringing Ichthus back for God’s glory! 

We will keep you posted with any and all updates on this Ichthus relaunch festival!

Link for tickets:


Link to Offical website:


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