Skillet with Adelita’s Way and Eva Under Fire at the NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia

By Glenn Woodell

Skillet always draws an exuberant crowd and this show was no different as it was near-capacity at the NorVa this evening. Hard rockers, Adelita’s Way, who had been to the Hampton Roads area back in May, was back in front of some familiar faces as an opener. New to the area was the female-fronted Eva Under Fire – think Evanescence turned up to 12.

With the COVID-19 virus still a prominent issue driving the music scene, Skillet’s new single, Surviving the Game is about powering through the current struggles and coming out strong on the other side. Their newest album, Dominion is now available as a pre-sale and will be coming out soon.

Eva Under Fire

Adelita’s Way


Skillet Set List
Feel Invincible
Not Gonna Die
Sick of It
Whispers in the Dark
Surviving the Game
Awake and Alive
Back From the Dead
Stars (Acoustic)
Encore: The Resistance

Adelita’s Way:
Eva Under Fire:

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