Monster’s On The Mountain Rock Festival Day Three!

Day Three Of Monsters On The Mountain Rock Festival.
Kicking off the third and final day of the Monsters On The Mountain Rock Festival was a band called Wild America. The Day also included awesome sets by Brother Cane, Nelson ,Kentucky band Native Sons did a striped down set on the patio. Michael Sweet From Stryper doing a wonderful acoustic set. Jeff Scott Soto and Jason Bieler doing a duo set and let me just say their Christmas song is hilarious! Then on the main stages they had a new band called The Hot Summers. Featuring Mick Sweda ( The Bullet Boys/ King Cobra) and singer Shane Tassart. They Put on a great show! They Ended Their Fun set by tossing out Beach Balls into the crowd! everyone seemed to really enjoy them! The Legendary Pat Travers did an awesome set featuring a new song off his newest CD ” The Art Of Time Travel” Pat Came out and said ” Hi im Pat Travers and were here to kick your ass! ” and they did! I especially loved hearing the Song ” Crash and Burn ” live. Canadian band Toque was up next Featuring Todd Kerns( Slash/ Mindfield)on vocals. They were very popular at the festival and put on a great set. The Lovely Ladies of Vixen were next headed by Lorraine Lewis. The Guys crowded the stage to see their favorite ladies perform. They did all your favorite Vixen songs and ending their set with Big Huge Balloons being tossed out into the crowd. always a fun show and proving Girls can Rock! Kix was next always a fun band to see live Singer Steve Whiteman is all over the stage like the energizer bunny. Steve came out wearing a red Sequin Jacket to the adoring screaming crowd. He had the crowd going from the start. The whole band is phenomenal . Coming up next was Firehouse. It was great to see C.J. Back with them and they put on an Excellent show! I Loved his cool leather Jacket with flames. The Whole band did a wonderful job.! Ending the night for the main stages and proving you CAN still Rock in America was everyone’s favorite band Night Ranger! Jack and the Guys were all over the stage and nearing the end of their set gathered around drummer Kelly Keagy Drum set and all drummed . Keri Kelli had put on a wolfs mask! Great Show! Ending the Festival was a band called shot of Poison. They are a Poison Tribute band. whom did an excellent job. All the bands during the festival did and Awesome job and gave it their all! It went by in a hurry But oh so much fun! Here’s to hoping they will continue to do the festival for many more years to come! Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine.

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