Sofi Tukker with LP Giobbi and Crush Club at the NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia October 21, 2018

If you’ve ever been to a show where the time between the acts is a mix of gear changeouts and annoying filler music, this was not one of those. With a minimal amount of gear on the stage and with LP Giobbi at the helm, it was a night of perfect transitions as she not only provided the opening and changeover music, but she was part of all of the acts and kept the crowd entertained throughout the entire show. Crush Club’s guitarist made his way to the stage, making you think he was part of her act but he wasn’t…or was he? The entire night was full of fluid transitions.

With the bass already in place, the rest of Crush Club took the stage and dominated the visuals for the hour. I couldn’t keep my lenses off of Nicki B as she danced and sang and worked the crowd every moment of the act and even into the next.

When Sophie and Tucker took the stage, at times with the help of Nicki B, they wowed an audience of all ages. Sophie’s nearly constant interaction with the audience kept them all focused on her, especially when she pulled two little girls up on stage, and especially later when she mingled with the audience. The photos tell all.

LP Giobbi


Crush Club


Sofi Tukker

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