Emma Garell Of The Emma Garell Band In a Tell All Sit-down Interview.

With a beat that would not let go, Emma Garell from a very early age seemed destined to take the rock n roll journey and she has! Following the paths of some of her early major influences, Emma is developing her own sound, stage presence, and most importantly name. “Destination Anaheim” is only the tip of what she and her band have ready to bring their fans.

Rachel Lee: Let’s get to know Emma Garell. Read somewhere that you have been a rock star since you were a little kid?

Emma Garell: Haha! I guess you could say that. I was enrolled in a School of Rock program for all of high school and was performing a lot with them. I also had a cover band, Bismuth RVA, that I formed with other School of Rock students. So yeah, I was on the stage pretty often and when I wasn’t I was rehearsing or learning songs. 


Rachel Lee: Growing up then, since you were into music, did you ever find it hard to be the one maybe that was different than the other kids your age out there?

Emma Garell: No, because I was surrounded by other kids at School of Rock with the same passion. I was homeschooled and so were many of the other kids I knew at School of Rock so we had lots in common. 


Rachel Lee: Do you have a favorite memory along the way in your connection with music?

Emma Garell: Yeah I think it was about 3 or 4 years ago at Black Sabbath, The End Tour. Somehow unplanned a bunch of us ran into each other and hung out. As young musicians, we had all looked up to them so much and it was a really powerful moment being there together. Black Sabbath songs were the first I ever performed and they will always be a part of who I am as a musician.


Rachel Lee: Your track “Destination Anaheim” where did the idea come from? Most folks think Anaheim and Disney… your song isn’t about Disney, that is for sure.

Emma Garell: Ha Ha! I might be stupid but I had no idea that Disney was in Anaheim, but I learn new things every day. I actually have never been to Anaheim. 


Rachel Lee: Who do you channel when you’re performing live music?

Emma Garell: No one, myself…I just get up there and do my thing.


Rachel Lee: How is songwriting for you? Does it come easy or do you prefer to collaborate with others?

Emma Garell: I prefer to collaborate. Sometimes I can sit down and knock out a song on my own but for the most part, I need some extra help and motivation to get it done. 


Rachel Lee: Do you feel that you have matured as an artist during this process?

Emma Garell: I feel like I am continuing to mature. There has been a lot of growth and I can’t say I will ever be done. 


Rachel Lee: Do you each have other own music styles you would like to achieve?

Emma Garell: I just want rock for sure. But CJ (drums) plays in several jazz/funk bands and even a cabaret band and Sammy (bass) is in a psychedelic/jazz jam band. I don’t want to speak for Camden (guitar) but he has his own hard rock/metal band too. 

Rachel Lee: We can we expect the next single/video and dates you’ll be performing this summer and fall?

Emma Garell: Yes! “Crawl” will be out before you know it with a video. We have not performed it live yet and can’t wait to share it with everyone.


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