Bassnectar at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia, August 31, 2019

by Glenn Woodell

Reminiscent of Phish and their fans invading the “Mothership”, the Hampton Coliseum, Bassnectar is the Millennial version but based on electronic dance music, complete with lights and body-shaking bass and lots of thongs and booty shorts. The vibe among the crowd waiting for the doors to open was one of peace, love, and psychedelica. It seemed that everyone knew one another but that was just the result of the unification brought about by a common bond of an event like this.

Once inside it didn’t mater if you were along the front rail or somewhere near the back. The experience was pretty much the same with the entire arena filled with lights and over-the-top bass and electronica. Of course the ones who managed to claim their positions along the front were more highly charged than the others. London-based TroyBoi got things warmed up before the main act.

And if you got overwhelmed by all the noise, lights, and crowd of people, there was a safe haven for those seeing a quiet and meditative getaway complete with inflatable lounges, carpets, and artists painting and selling their works.



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