Blacktop Mojo – 2023 Tour

By Glenn Woodell

Blacktop Mojo started off their 2023 tour in Virginia Beach’s Elevation 27, a venue already familiar to them, on March 2nd, 2023. Traveling with opener Sumo Cyco, and headlined by Nonpoint, they kept the night energized for an amazing kickoff night of the Emerald Cities Tour, a takeoff from The Wizard of Oz.

Their closeout song was a memorable cover of Dream On by Aerosmith

Set list:
1- Cloudy Day Bullshit (Stratus Melancholia)
2- End of Day
3- Burn the Ships
4- Do it for the Money
5- Strike Me
6- Can’t Sleep
7- Where the Wind Blows
8- Dream On (Aerosmith cover)


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