CD Review: Trixter Rocks with new music titled “Human Era”

New Jersey based hair metal rock band Trixter would release their first self titled debut album in 1990 producing three of their most played and most recognized titles. Give It To Me Good”, “Surrender”, and “One in a Million” would all end up in the Billboard Hot 100. Trixter would go on to release a follow up album and go on tour with the one and only Kiss. Despite the success of album number one Trixter would end up taking a hiatus from music and touring until 2008 when the band would reunite for a “Give it To You Tour”. Trixter would go on making a couple more new albums and a Best of Album. Now, in 2015 Trixter is back with their newest album “Human Era”.

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With Pete Loran on vocals, Mark Gus Scott keeping the rhythm on drums, Steve Brown with his mad guitar skills and PJ Farley on bass, “Human Era” is full of new music for those fans of hair metal/monsters of Rock while staying true to the sound that launched Trixter to radio in 1990. The album kicks off with a feel good head banging, horn throwing “Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night” followed up with another party song called “Crash That Party”.  The vocals of Pete Loran are solid Steve’s guitar riffs are of plenty with this album, “For You” is probably a more modernized Trixter sound showcasing the amazing talents of Steve Brown on the axe. When you think of Monster’s of Rock, you have to have a monster ballad and Trixter has proven themselves in the past with Surrender. The “Human Era” album is no different as Trixter will show you their softer side with “Beats Me Up”.  This album contains 11 tracks and 2 bonus tracks.

Unfortunately with radio in the mainstream this album probably wont get much airplay but if you come across this review, I highly recommend that you check it out especially if you are any kind of 80’s/90’s glam metal fan because this is some of the best music that I’ve heard since then. This album is an instrumental masterpiece with lyrics and vocals that you can clearly understand. “Human Era” is just good uplifting music to kick back, drink a beer and spend time with the guys shooting pool or just shoot the breeze while listening and jamming out.  To purchase this album, Please visit ITunes!!


Track Listing:

  1. Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night
  2. Crash That Party
  3. Not Like All the Rest
  4. For You
  5. Every Second Counts
  6. Beats Me Up
  7. Good Times Now
  8. Midnight in your Eye
  9. All Night Long
  10. Soul of a Lovin’ Man
  11. Human Era
  12. Always a Victim (Bonus Track)
  13. Road of a Thousand Dreams (Bonus Track)

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