In Loving Memory Release Official Music Video for “Nomad”

In Loving Memory has just released the official music video for their single “Nomad” from their 2017 EP “Introspective”. The song is dedicated to Naveed Stone’s (lead singer)mother and father and their sacrifices immigrating from Bangladesh to America to create a better life for their family.

“Nomad” is a high tempo song with hardcore lyrics and non-stop guitar and drums from start to finish. When it drops slow and Naveed is singing the chorus you can really feel the passion in the song he is bringing out.

The video is how most fans hope to experience every concert with the band into the music jumping and yelling, interacting with the crowd and making them feel apart of the show as well. Taking away from the video In Loving Memory is a band given the chance I would love to see live for the stage performance and their unique sound.



“A big part of why I want to be a musician is to honor and do justice to the immense sacrifice my parents gave for my sister and I. They risked everything leaving their lives behind to come to this country from Bangladesh, just to have children who could reach a level of success and stability that they could not have.” – Naveed Stone

“Many kids from my demographic are discouraged at a very young age, by their families and the world around them, from pursuing artistic careers. We internalize that we’re not meant to succeed in the arts because we look different, or we don’t have the money and connections that others do,” the singer says, “I want to be the first of my kind to be a face and a voice in the pop/rock/metal facets of the music industry.”

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