SOLD OUT: Alex Miller WOW’s Kentucky State Fair


Alex Miller returned to perform at the Kentucky State Fair opening for Niko Moon Saturday night this year. Alex, who can credit his big break to his appearance on season 19 of American Idol; ever since, Alex has been wide open with touring, music videos, and a full-length debut album titled “Miller Time.” Kicking off his show, Alex performed his rendition of “Little Sister ” by Elvis Presley. Hit after Hit, Alex made fans whoop and holler, Singing along word for word. It was incredible to see fans supporting Alex as they did that night, with a vast outpouring of devoted fans screaming “I LOVE YOU ALEX” between each song from the left and right.

Alex performed his latest single and Billboard hit “Through with You” with a seasoned and confident style mirrored that I would envision a young Alan Jackson. “Through with You” is my personal favorite song by Alex. With it’s the beauty and story and powerful vocals that Alex brings to life it sets me to 90’s country heartbreak.

Alex and bandmates, Mark, Jeff, Mike, and Larry have toured the country in such a short time. some of country music’s most iconic acts. Supporting Alex with guidance and a family atmosphere, Alex has gained a ton of confidence with these guys by his side. Alex gave fans an up close experience as he snagged the mic off the stand and took off the side of the stage shaking hands, taking pictures and high fives as he made his way through the boisterous crowd. Alex delivered a high-performance, high-energy show that was simply incredible for a young man at his age.

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Photos and review by: Ryan Pike of Music Matters Magazine

2 thoughts on “SOLD OUT: Alex Miller WOW’s Kentucky State Fair

  1. I know you from WLJC.Your music career is really soaring,stay strong, be yourself,keep the faith and stay safe.Best wishes from Kentucky.


  2. I was with Alex early on and immediately saw a star being born. His down home, old time country music with his own spin keeps a smile on my face.


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