Vince Gill Sells Out The Rose Music Center in Huber Heights, OH

IMG_0009Twenty time Grammy Award winning singer/ songwriter and guitar player Vince Gill sold out The Rose Music Center Saturday night. As Vince strolled his way onto the stage, he picked up a guitar and humbly waved to the crowd. There were no empty seats in the house as Vince played all of his hits in a 2 hour 45 minute jam packed performance. Anybody that knows Vince Gill knows that he is both a prolific story teller and a man of humor. Vince brought some regional humor to the stage as he joked about ordering up a 3 way from Skyline Chili. He candidly shared that had he been twenty years old looking to order a 3 way, he would’ve been thinking of something other than chili.

Vince’s vocals were golden and on key. His guitar solos were executed with amazing dexterity. Most importantly, the IMG_0008legendary performer acknowledged every applause, cheer and standing ovation with a humbling gratitude, smile and a wave or bow to the crowd. Vince shared many stories of his father, touring with the likes of Conway Twitty and George Jones in the early years. He paid tribute to his longtime inspiration, the late Merle Haggard. Appropriately absent was excessive lighting and stage theatrics. Vince Gill takes the stage to intimately tell a story and sincerely share his talent. That within itself made for a most theatrical night!

Be sure to connect with Vince Gill online for for future tour dates, his new CD “Down To My Last Bad Habit and more information!

Vince Gill Official / Facebook / Twitter

For More Information on The Rose Music Center and upcoming schedule please visit:

The Rose Music Center / Facebook / Twitter

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SETLIST: 5/7/16 The Rose Music Center / Huber Heights, OH


W/ Band

  • One More Last Chance
  • Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away
  • I Still Believe in You
  • Feels Like Love
  • When Love Finds You
  • Guitar Slinger
  • Never Alone
  • Tryin’ to Get Over You
  • Reasons for the Tears I Cry
  • Down to My Last Bad Habit
  • Sad One Comin’ On (A Song for George Jones)
  • Take Your Memory With You
  • Look at Us

30 Minute Intermission


  • When I Call Your Name
  • The Key to Life
  • It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long
  • A World Without Haggard

W/ Band

  • The Bottle Let Me Down
    (Merle Haggard cover)
  • The Fightin’ Side of Me
    (Merle Haggard cover)
  • Go Rest High on That Mountain
  • Pretty Little Adriana
  • What the Cowgirls Do
  • Oklahoma Borderline


  • Workin’ on a Big Chill
  • Whenever You Come Around
  • Liza Jane


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